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Vergizmo’s mission is to help people get the most out of technology and social media platforms which dominate modern life today. We create information-based content on home technology and social media platforms which, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. This includes many how-to articles written by experts to over 1 million users each year.

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dozie ejizuDozie Ejizu is the founder of Vergizmo, with over 7+ years of experience in Social Media and the use of modern technology. He has researched, tested, and written hundreds of articles ranging from social media platforms to messaging apps.




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Dozie Ejizu

Dozie Ejizu is a professional technologist that founded Vergizmo back in 2018. Using the expertise he had built ten years prior, he has built Vergizmo to help users with their technology devices.

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“After having tried almost every possible solution offered on the net regarding too quiet iPhone alarm, I read your article.
I want to congratulate you on your article relevant to the issue. It pinpointed the solution
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-Tile M.

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