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Stories are one of Instagram’s most popular and widely used features. The reason might be the fact that it allows you to share a bunch of photos that display as a slideshow instead of posting one single image. And the Stories disappear automatically after 24 hours.

If you have viewed a story and you are seeing a message saying This Story is No Longer Available then it is because that story has been removed but Instagram hasn’t completely removed it from your timeline.

Do not worry as there is nothing wrong with your account but Instagram will remove it within do next few hours.

You are probably wondering what it means so in today’s post I’m going to be giving you an in-depth explanation of what This Story is no Longer Available means.

I will also be showing you some possible ways to bypass this message and see the story you want to.

What Are Stories on Instagram?

Stories are temporary photos or videos that group together to form a gallery in the slideshow format. They look more interactive and attractively display the user’s status to tell a story. Instagram allows you to add gifs to Story, and it’s pretty simple.

GIFs are becoming more and more popular as they help communicate emotions, jokes, and ideas in a witty manner. To share GIFs in Instagram stories, tap on Create, scroll over to the GIF button, and search and add a GIF.

You can even hide Instagram stories from specific users by adding them to the privacy list. It will restrict the selected users from viewing your Instagram story; however, they can check your profile and posts.

To hide the Instagram story from selected users, navigate to your profile page, click on three horizontal lines, tap on Settings, click on Privacy, and select Story. In the Hide Story From section, select people that you want to hide the Story from, and click Done.

Sometimes, users encounter an error that says ‘this Story is no longer available on Instagram’ while checking others’ stories. Well, there’s not one but multiple reasons behind this message. Let’s discuss this Instagram error and why it appears.

The Story Completes 24-Hour Cycle

The chances are that you might have checked the Story within the time of 24 hours after being posted to Instagram. When you came back to check the pictures or videos again, it might have expired, making the Story invisible with an error message.

In most cases, the ring that appears around the profile picture also disappears when the Story completes 24 hours. However, if the ring appears, but the Story won’t, there might be a technical glitch responsible for it.

The Story Is Kept Hidden From Specific Users

Instagram allows users to customize views on the media they share via Stories. The user can control who can and cannot see your Instagram pictures or videos. This is a great feature that improves online privacy.

Now, if you are not able to view someone’s Story, the user might have restricted you from accessing it. Someone might have posted something for its close friends only, which is preventing you from checking it.

If someone blocks you from seeing their story after you have already seen it then this is another reason why you may be seeing this message.

Because you were previously allowed to view the story and now you’re not, Instagram has not removed it from your account yet.

So you don’t have to worry as this is not a new story. You have probably already seen it before. Now why the user blocked you from seeing the story is a totally different explanation.

If you really want to know why then I would consider asking this person why you can see This Post is no longer available. Don’t ask them if they hid you from it because they might have. Read below to know why.

The Story Is Deleted by the User

Sometimes, users post their pictures and videos only to realize something unusual or weird, and that’s when they delete the media right away. Commonly, we usually think about how people will see those pictures and end up deleting even the best images.

If the Instagram followers or friends notice that you have posted something and come to your profile only to realize that the pictures are deleted, they probably get a ‘this Story is no longer available on Instagram’ message.

You Are Blocked by the User

You might have been blocked by someone recently. Now, when you are trying to check the Story posted by the user, you are not able to access it, only to realize that you are restricted. Sometimes, users do not block their friends or others intentionally but accidentally.

In most cases, you might be able to see the user’s profile but not the Story that has been posted recently. This indicates that the user has blocked you in the last few minutes while your profile is not refreshed after that.

Instagram Has Removed the Story

One possible reason behind ‘this Story is no longer available on Instagram’ is that the Story is removed. Yes, the pictures or videos that someone has uploaded to the Story might have violated the platform’s terms and have finally been removed by Instagram.

If you are trying to check the Story after it is removed, you will get this message. The users must be careful while posting any media to their accounts as Instagram follows a strict policy and are free to remove anything that conflicts with their content violation terms.

Instagram Bug Might Be Responsible

On encountering any issue on social media platforms, users often blame the internet connection or the device. There might be a glitch from Instagram’s side, and you cannot do anything to fix it. So, better wait to view the Story again after a few minutes.

The platform-side glitch should not last too long. Though such errors are rare, they need your patience while the developers are working to resolve them effectively. Even if they appear for a shorter time, they can prevent you from exploring various features on the platform.

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