Hinge Only Showing Fat? Here’s The Fix

hinge showing fat people only

New Hinge users have been wondering why they are only being shown fat people on their swipe queue. This isn’t normal with a dating app so it’s weird to them that Hinge is only selecting out fat people.

This has been a common question amongst users. The main reason Hinge is only showing you fat is because the algorithm is trying to find out what you like and who likes you.

Depending on how you interact with these accounts, Hinge will be more knowledgeable on your dating activities and serve you more people who you may actually be interested in.

Most people don’t want to see fat people on their swipe queue but there are only a few things to prevent this.

In this article, I’m going to explain why Hinge is only showing you fat people and how you can stop this from happening.

Why is Hinge Only Showing Fat People?

One of the main reasons you’re getting shown fat people is that you just made Hinge and your account is new. Hinge tends to only show you fat people if you have just made an account.

There are a few reasons for this. One of them is that the algorithm is still trying to figure out if you’re attractive and what you like. This also gives the fat people a chance to get liked and matched with.

Another reason why you may be just seeing fat and unattractive people is that the Hinge algorithm has deemed you as unattractive.

Now because of this, they will show you people who are more likely to match back with you so you have a better experience and don’t end up leaving the app.

I’ll tell you how to address all of these issues down below so you stop seeing fat people on your swipe queue.

How to Fix This Hinge if It’s Only Showing You Fat People

There are a few ways you can get around this fat problem. I have friends who have experienced this so I’ll tell you what they did to get over this problem.

It can take a few days to fix this problem as it is all dependent on the Hinge algorithm but I’ll also add a few solutions below which are more short-term solutions.

Wait a Few Days

You can choose the lazy approach and pretty much just do nothing but swipe normally.

This is because this fat phase only lasts for a few days. Typically 2 weeks. After two weeks, you will start seeing normal people in your swipe queue.

As I’ve said, within these two weeks, Hinge is trying to figure out how your account ranks based on your attractiveness.

Because of this, it doesn’t matter to them who they show you since all their trying to figure out is if attractive people find you attractive or only ugly people.

This takes the algorithm a good few weeks. Once the wait is over you should start slowly seeing normal profiles.

If your account is new then Hinge has these bursts where they just show you unnattractive people for a few days.

Again, I still think this is them just gauging how attractive your profile is. This also typically happens if you have just added a bunch of new pictures.

Improve Your Pictures

One big reason you may be only seeing fat people is if you are fat or unattractive yourself. Hinge usually shows you people who are similar attractiveness to yourself.

If you have an established account and you notice that you are consistently being shown only Fat people then you most likely don’t have the best pictures on your account.

The only way to improve your pictures is to become more attractive yourself or just by taking better pictures. If you are fat then lose weight.

I’ve noticed that when I was overweight I would show less attractive people.

The moment I lost weight and changed all my pictures, I was shown a bunch of ugly people for a few days then suddenly started seeing attractive people and it has stayed like this.

Hinge saw I changed my pictures, figured out who liked me, and matched my attractiveness with other attractive people.

Swipe on People You Like

Swiping on attractive people will allow the Hinge algorithm to learn that you don’t like fat people. When you are swiping left and right, Hinge is seeing what you like and don’t like

So when you are being shown fat people, to eventually swipe this, continue to swipe left on them and only swipe right on attractive people.

If you are continuously being shown fat people consistently over two weeks then you may want to use the Fresh Start Feature.

Change Your Dating Preferences

A quick fix I have found that sometimes works is if you just change your dating preferences.

What I have typically seen is that changing the age to just slights will refresh your swipe queue and change it to show more attractive people. To do this, just click on the profile icon and click on dating preferences.

hinge profile options

From here, just change the age by one year and click on Done. Now click on the H logo along the bottom and wait for the swipe queue to refresh. Now you should be seeing better people.

If you find that doesn’t work then changing your distance radius just by a bit can reset your swipe queue so you can start seeing more attractive people.

Force Close Hinge

If the quick fix above doesn’t work then force close the app and go back on. This is just to reset the swipe queue.

Sometimes, If I have been seeing a bunch of unattractive people, I’ll usually just close the app and go back on it and the swipe queue profiles would have been improved.

To force close the app, you can swipe up from the bottom of your screen or click the back button on your Android device. Find the Hinge app and swipe up again to force close it.

You can also do this in settings by finding the app in settings and clicking force close or offloading the app in the app storage settings if you’re on an iPhone.


If you have just made an account then expect to only see fat and unattractive people in the first few days of you making an account.

This is because Hinge is trying to figure out what you like so they will see if you like the lower-ranked people first. If you do then Hinge will continue to show you them since it has learned you have liked them.

In short, you will just have to wait 2 weeks until this fat phase is over. During this phase, it’s best to continue swiping left on these profiles so Hinge knows that fat people aren’t your type.

Once this phase is over, you should start to see normal-looking people and people who are more of your type.

The more unattractive people you have swiped left on, the more attractive people you will see if they are actually matching you back.

If they are then Hinge will lower you in the rankings until they show you people who liked you back. If your profile is unattractive, these people will be unattractive.

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