Only Can See All Followers on Instagram Explained!

only can see all followers

You’re probably here after seeing “only… can see all followers” the the top of someone’s Followers list on Instagram. Seeing as this is a fairly new feature, not many people will know what it means.

This feature stops you from viewing the whole of someone’s Followers list.

For most, it will be self-explanatory but you’re probably here because you want to know more about it or you also want to hide your followers list from others. Some people

In this article, I’ll be explaining everything to do with this feature, whether or not you can turn it on, and which accounts are allowed it.

What is “Only Can See All Followers”

If you see “Only can see all followers” at the top of someone’s Followers list on Instagram then it means that the account has had its followers list limited. In case you’re confused, it’s in the image below.

what is only can see all followers

This means that you are only allowed to view a handful of this person’s followers before you are met with the end of their Followers list.

If you haven’t seen this before then you can just go to the Instagram account shown in the image above and click on their Followers list and you should see the same text.

The feature restricts you from seeing all the followers the account has. The text just indicates that the account is the only account that can see all of its own Instagram followers, no one else.

The only people who you can see are randomly picked and are not in order of who recently followed that Instagram account.

Unfortunately, there is no way around this feature in terms of seeing the rest of the followers on that account.

Can You Turn This Feature on?

Unfortunately, there is no way of turning this feature on. This option will only be granted to the people Instagram has decided to give it to.

Since this feature is currently in a testing phase which will most likely end soon, not all accounts can have it and therefore turn it on.

Instagram might still choose to only give this to certain accounts after the testing phase is over. But if it is given to all accounts then the way to turn it on will most likely be in your Instagram settings.

For now, if Instagram hasn’t told you about this feature themselves then you probably don’t have it and therefore can’t turn it on.

The only way to realistically make your followers private is to make your account private.

Why Did Instagram Introduce This Feature

The main reason Instagram introduced this feature was to stop other businesses from poaching other businesses’ followers.

This can happen when a business is trying to scrape customers or applicants from another business. Essentially it’s just a way of protecting competition.

Another reason Instagram introduced this feature was to protect the privacy of someone’s followers. This is obviously the choice of the account owner.

But since it’s mainly for public figures, instead of having their account private, they might want to keep who is following them a secret to prevent other accounts from seeing them. account

How Does Instagram Decide Who Has This Feature?

For now, the only accounts that have “Only can see all followers” are verified accounts. This makes sense as it will mostly be accounts with a large following and/or large businesses that would really benefit from this feature.

If you have a non-verified account then it’s unlikely that you will have access to this feature. Maybe once the testing phase is over, Instagram will introduce it to every account.

There have been accounts that haven’t been verified but just have a large following that also have access to this feature so Instagram will also take this into account when handing out access to the ability to hide followers.


The “Only can see all followers” feature is a new feature that hides most of the Followers on someone’s Instagram account. It only allows you to see a handful of followers.

This feature was mainly introduced to stop businesses from scraping and poaching followers from other large businesses. There may be other reasons but Instagram hasn’t come out with this yet.

This feature is still in its testing phase and is only out to verified accounts or accounts with large followers. Unfortunately, there is no way for you to get this feature or turn it on unless Instagram has told you about it.

It may just be a matter of time until this feature is introduced to all accounts.