What Does The Grey Circle Mean on Snapchat?

Grey circle around snapchat story

Many people are confused as to what the grey circle on their Snapchat accounts means. There is a simple explanation that will be mentioned in this article.

Snapchat introduced this grey circle around stories and it seemed to throw off many Snapchat users.

Essentially, this grey circle is used to indicate that you have watched the person’s story. If you see a grey circle around someone’s stories then it means you have viewed this person’s story.

In this article, I will be going into more detail about the color of the rings around certain Snapchat stories and more detail about what these colors indicate so you are more of a well-rounded Snapchat user.

What Does The Grey Circle on Snapchat Mean

If you are on Snapchat and see a gray circle ring around someone’s picture then more than likely you viewed the person’s story a few moments ago.

grey circle around snapchat story

Snapchat introduced this feature to let you know which stories you have left to watch and which stories you have already viewed.

Once you view this person’s story it will go to the end of the story queue to further indicate that you have viewed this person’s story.

This causes less confusion and lets you leave the app sooner since you know which people you have watched

What Does the Purple Circle Around The Bitmoji Mean on Snapchat

There are two purple rings on Snapchat that indicate different meanings. If you see a purple ring around a bitmoji on Snapchat it means that Snapchat wants you to add someone.

This is indicated in the image below. When Snapchat recommends someone for you to add then you will see a purple circle with an add button around a bitmoji.

purple ring around bitmoji

Once you add this person this purple circle will go away.

Purple Ring Around Snapchat Story

Now opposite to the gray circle around someone’s story is a purple circle. This purple ring indicates that you haven’t seen someone’s story.

The purple circle just means that the person has uploaded a story to Snapchat.

purple ring around snapchat story

If you are on the story page on Snapchat and you see a bunch of purple circles around people’s stories then it just means that you haven’t clicked on that person’s story.

These are the only two colored rings you will see on Snapchat. The only way to watch a Snapchat story is to click on it.

The purple color used to be blue but Snapchat seemed to have changed it during the last two years.


Can Someone See if You Viewed Their Story

Snapchat shows you who viewed your story so if you watch someone’s story then they will be able to see this if they swipe up on their story.

Can You Remove the Grey Circle?

Unfortunately, there is no way you can remove the gray circle on Snapchat. You can get rid of the purple ring by viewing the person’s story


By now you should know what each circle indicates around a Snapchat story. If you see a greyed-out ring around someone’s picture then it means you have finished watching someone’s story.

If you see a purple ring around a person’s story then it means that that person has uploaded a story and you haven’t watched it. To turn it grey you have to click on it and watch it.

These are the only two colored rings on Snapchat so don’t be worried about a new colour you may stumble upon.

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