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the only 3 player imessage games

Messaging and gaming are two of the best ways iPhone users can connect with friends and kill downtime on their devices. iMessage gaming takes things to the next level. 

However, despite all the offerings of iMessage games, users may have trouble enjoying them to the maximum capacity. That is due to the restrictive player count of most of the platform’s gaming content. 

Most users can’t find 3-player iMessage games on the platform. That affects how friend groups interact with the platform. 

This article will give you a list of engaging 3-player iMessage games that can help you include another member of your friend group into the gaming fun. 

3 Player Games on Gamepigeon

Instead, Gamepigeon offers users a catalogue of about 26 different multiplayer games that users can play from inside a single application. 

However, there are only very few 3-player games that users can choose from on this app. As with most iMessage games, most of its available gaming offerings are 2-player interaction based. 

Users can choose from two popular 3+ player titles. “Crazy 8s” or “20 questions.” We’ll explore the few 3-player gaming options you can choose from on Gamepigeon below.

1. Crazy 8s 

Crazy 8s is one of the few 3+player games users can play on the iMessage platform. 

It is one of the few 3-person playable multiplayer games that users can play on the iMessage platform.

Crazy 8 is a blast from the past for most users. It is a piece of most users’ childhood and can give them a sizable dose of nostalgia. 

For users that haven’t played the game before, it is somewhat similar to the well-known game UNO. However, it has its own unique rules, regulation, and style of play. 

Crazy 8s is also great for users with large friend groups because it can accommodate a much larger number of players than most other iMessage games.

The game can take up to 3+ players playing at a time. It is fast-paced and fun when played right and with the right company. Note- You need 3+ players to play a game of crazy 8s on iMessage in Gamingpigeon.

How To Play Crazy 8s

Now that you know what “crazy 8s” is and how many players are required to start a game, let’s discuss how users can play the game

Users can play crazy 8s using a deck of 52 regular playing cards. The primary objective of the game is similar to that of UNO.

Users hurry to finish all the cards they have in hand before the end of the game. The first person to reduce all the cards they have in hand to zero is declared the “winner” of the round. 

Users start a game of crazy 8s with the same number of cards in each player’s hand. Each player gets up to 7 cards in hand while the rest of the pack is moved and kept separately.

One card is removed from the undealt pack of cards and placed “facing up” on the playing table. 

2. 20 Questions

“20 questions” is another fun multiplayer game that users can play on the iMessage platform. 

Users can connect with and play the game with more than two participants (which is a bit of a rarity by iMessage games standards). 

The game is an instant boredom killer and a great way to interact with friends. It’s a guessing game that keeps your mind active while you have fun. 

What is 20 Questions

The game is pretty easy to play (even if you’ve never played it before). We’ll explain it using a 2-player gaming scenario to make things easier. 

One player sets a specific word while the other user has to guess it correctly. The fun part is that the guesser has to do so in 20 questions or less (hence the name).

The guesser can ask 20 questions to get hints about the “hidden word.” The player can only answer the questions asked by the guesser with a simple YES/NO.

So if you’re guessing, be sure to ask well-structured questions. Before the game starts, users can choose to define a category where the words belong.

These could be Animals, Places, Things, or others. The hidden word is usually a noun. 

How to Play 20 Questions

To play this game, the user, with the first or next turn, can choose to play a card of the same colour or the shape of the upturned card on the table.

For example, if the current upturned card is a four of yellow, the next or first player can only play a card matching that same number or shape (a yellow card with another number or any other coloured card with a “4” on it).

A user can also play an “eight” card. That is where the name of the game is gotten. When an “eight” card is “played” on the stack, the user can nominate a  particular suit of cards that has to be “played” by the subsequent user. 

If You’re With Your Three Friends, Take Turns

If you and your friends are fully committed to using the iMessage games as your source of entertainment, you can share the experience by taking turns. 

Take turns and rotate what two players get to play the games together. 

You could even make it a mini-tournament where the winner gets to play the next person in the rotation. Winning both rounds makes you a champion.


Is iMessage Mainly Designed for Two Players

From the layout of the iMessage platform and its games, it’s easy to tell that the “platform” is designed for a 2-player gaming experience. 
The iMessage games are structured to be a direct interaction between two players at their convenience. That means users with large friend groups may not be able to enjoy the platform’s games to the maximum benefit. 

Alternatives to Gamepigeon Games

Since iMessage is focused on the messaging aspect of things and seems committed to 2 player games, users can migrate to more “game-oriented” platforms to meet their needs.
Users can search the apple app store to find small gaming apps similar to the ones offered in the iMessaging platform.


I hope this article was able to help you in your quest to find more three-player games on the iMessage platform. 

The recommended games (crazy 8s and 20 questions) should be able to accommodate your friend group and provide you with a source of easy entertainment. 

There may be more games with larger player counts coming to the platform in the future. Don’t give up hope if you want more. 

You can also move your squad’s gaming sessions to other more accommodating apps on the Apple app store. 

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