How Long Does Hinge Say New Here?

how long does hinge say new here

Key Takeaways

  • The “New Here” badge on Hinge appears next to a new user’s profile for about a week.
  • This badge helps encourage other users to engage with new members and increases the likelihood of finding matches.
  • Hinge Plus users can filter to only see new profiles, enhancing their dating experience.

Do you want to know how long the ‘New Here’ badge will stay on your Hinge profile? When you join Hinge, they welcome you by putting a “New Here” badge on your profile.

Some people like this badge. Some people don’t. If you don’t like it, you might be wondering how long it stays on your Hinge profile.

If that describes you, then you’ve found the ideal article since we’re going to show you the answer to how long the New Here badge stays since an account joins Hinge.

Because no matches are made between two individuals before they meet up, there is less chance of being rejected or turned down when trying out someone new for a date or even just hanging out together socially.

How Long Does New Here Stay on Hinge?

When you make a new profile, you’ll get the “New Here” badge for about a week, at which point it will disappear once your account has aged. This is because Hinge requires users to be active on their profiles to maintain their status.

hinge new here badge

This is because Hinge requires users to be active on their profiles to maintain their status.

If someone feels like they’ve been recognized as an active member of the community rather than just a casual user who might have joined recently, they’ll be more likely to continue using the site and create new profiles.

After the badge disappears and you’ve been using the app for a while, you’ll be able to see who’s joined and who’s not.

What Does New Here on Hinge Mean?

“New Here” means you’ve been on the app for a certain amount of time. It usually means that you made your account within the last week.

Seeing it on someone else’s profile means they’ve been on the app for less than a week. Depending on your account, the “New Here” badge disappears after about 7 days.

During this time, you are probably getting familiar with what the app is about. Or maybe you’re just starting to explore the app more widely and trying to find out who else is on it.

Whatever the reason, if you see a “New Here” badge, someone has been on the app for less than a week—so don’t get too worried if they haven’t matched with you yet as they may still be trying to figure out the app.

If they haven’t been liked on Hinge much, it could be because you’re new to the app and potential matches are avoiding you since you lack experience in the dating scene.

Hinge’s badges are meant to brand you as someone new to the platform. It indicates to your matches that you’re fresh to the dating scene.

The badge is meant to increase your engagement, chances of finding a match, and chances of finding love on the Hinge app. It indicates to people that you are still new on the app and haven’t been bombarded by many people so it indicates to them that they still have a chance of matching with you.

Is New Here Accurate?

Yes, it’s accurate. Hinge knows when you make a new account and can track it for about a week. They will remove it once it’s been a week.

Having this badge on your Hinge profile is not bad because it shows that you’ve been active in the community for less than a week.

The “New Here” badge is an internal tracking system that tracks how long someone has been logged into the site.

After a certain amount of time, they will receive this badge on their profile page to show they are still active on the site.

The New Here Badge is a bit of an oddity. The badge is present on every profile but only shows up on profiles created within the past two. The text is displayed as small and purple.

Since these accounts are much fresher, they tend to be more recently active on Hinge, and because of this, it may indicate to other users that you have recently been on the app so they are more inclined to swipe right.

How to Only See People Who Are ‘New Here’

Recently Hinge Plus has a new feature that allows you to only see accounts who have just joined Hinge. Unfortunately, you do have to pay for Hinge Plus to access this feature.

Once you have purchased Hinge Plus, go on the swipe queue tab in the bottom left corner and click the New Here tab along the top as seen in the image below.

Once you’re here, you can swipe through accounts that have just joined Hinge within the last week.


When You Pause Hinge Does it Say Just Joined?

When you pause your account on Hinge and join back again, your account will not say New Here or Just Joined. This is because for an account to see New Here, it needs to be a new account that just joined.

Can You Hide New Here on Hinge?

No, you can’t hide the New Here feature on Hinge. This is for Hinge to display when you first join the app with a new account. The New Here icon will leave once it has been a week.

What Happens If I Delete My Hinge Account and Rejoin?

If you delete your Hinge account and then create a new one, the “New Here” badge will appear on your new profile for about a week. This allows you to take advantage of the “fresh start” option and reintroduce yourself to the Hinge community.

How Do Prompts Work on Hinge?

Hinge uses prompts as conversation starters to help users add more personality to their profiles. When setting up your profile, you’ll be prompted to choose from a range of questions and statements to answer. These prompts can make it easier for potential matches to engage with you by liking or commenting on your responses.

Do Other Dating Apps Have Similar Features to Hinge’s “New Here” Badge?

Yes, both Bumble and Tinder have similar features to the “New Here” badge on Hinge:  Bumble also has a “New Here” badge that appears on profiles of single who have recently joined the app. This badge typically lasts for about 7 days and can boost the visibility of new users, leading to more matches during this period. Tinder Tinder has a “Just Joined” or “New Here” badge that appears on profiles of users who have created their account within the last 7 days. This badge is automatically removed after one week.


And there you have it. Now you know the answer to the question. As you have learned, the New Here badge on the Hinge dating app stays on one profile for approximately one week.

But the badge doesn’t affect your profile. It’s a good thing as you can use it as a weapon to increase your engagement.

You also know that it’s now possible only to see people who are new on Hinge. I hope you found this article helpful. Let us know in the comment section below.

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