How Long Does Tinder Say New Here?

how long does tinder say new here

Tinder has just released a new badge that comes up on new Tinder profiles. Now when you join with a new account, they introduce you by putting a “New Here” badge on your profile.

A lot of Tinder users are confused by this badge since it was only introduced a while ago. If you don’t like it, you might be wondering how long it stays on your Tinder profile.

If that describes you, then you’ve found the ideal article since we’re going to show you the answer to how long the New Here badge stays since an account joins Tinder.

Since people prefer to meet people who are more normal, a new user to the app will be more enticing since they are less experienced.

How Long Does New Here Stay on Tinder?

If you’re just making a new Tinder account, you get a new here badge within the first 7 days. Once the 7 days are over, it will go, and others swiping on your account won’t see it anymore.

This is because Tinder wants others to be considerate to new users so it doesn’t scare them off the app.

If someone feels like they’ve been recognized as a new member of the community rather than just an avid user who has been on the app for a while, they’ll be more likely to continue using the site since they’ll have a better experience as people would treat them more kindly.

After the badge disappears and you’ve been using the app for a while, the badge won’t stay. However, you’ll be able to see others who are new to Tinder.

What Does New Here on Tinder Mean?

New here on Tinder means that you are recently new to the app. It means you haven’t had that account for up to 7 days.

This is a badge that lasts for 7 days after creating a new account and will be shown to others when they see you on the swipe queue.

During this time, the person definitely doesn’t know their way through the app and is still trying to figure things out so you may need to keep that in mind.

Those people may also be inclined to only match with people who are new to the app.

Whatever the reason, if you see a “New Here” badge, someone has been on the app for less than seven days—so don’t get too worried if they haven’t matched with you yet as they may still be trying to figure out the app.

If for some reason you haven’t been getting matches then it could be because you’re new to the app and people can’t be bothered to negotiate with you since you may be afraid to meet up.

These matches are meant to show that you are a new person on the app and that could put people off as it will indicate you may not know what you want yet so people won’t be bothered to wait around for that.

The badge is meant to increase your engagement, chances of finding a match, and chances of finding love on the Hinge app.

It indicates to people that you are still new on the app and haven’t been bombarded by many people so it indicates to them that they still have a chance of matching with you.

Is New Here Accurate?

Yes, it’s accurate. Tinder software can detect when you first make an account and will count 7 days until it’s over.

If you see this badge then you can guarantee that these accounts will be new.

If you really want up-to-date badges on your swipe queue, then force close the app and go back onto Tinder. Keep in mind that the difference will only be the amount of time you spend on the app which would be minutes.

After a certain amount of time, they will receive this badge on their profile page to show they are still active on the site.

The New Here Badge is a bit of an oddity. The badge is present on every profile but only shows up on profiles created within the past two. The text is displayed as small and green.

Because these accounts are newer, it means that these accounts are more recently active on Hinge and will indicate to others that you have used the app more recently and will be inclined to swipe right as they think they have a better chance of you seeing their profile.

How to Only See People Who Are ‘New Here’

Unfortunately, there is no specific way for you to force Tinder to only show people who have recently joined to show up on your swipe queue.

Tinder may release a feature like this in the near future but I don’t see it happening as Tinder UI is too cramped. Unless they get rid of some feature.

Your next best bet is to look out for the green badge whenever you’re on the swipe queue. The more you swipe, the more stickers you will see.

tinder new here


When You Pause Tinder Does it Say New Here?

No, if you pause your Tinder account and then unpause it, your Tinder profile won’t say New Here since it’s not a new account. You just pause it, not delete it.

Can You Hide New Here on Tinder?

No, if your account says New Here, there is no way of removing this sticker. The New Here badge will only go after 7 days of joining Tinder with a new account.


Now you should be clued up on everything to do with Tinder’s New Here badge. The New Here badge on Tinder means that a profile has been on there for less than 7 days.

But the badge doesn’t affect your profile. It’s a good thing as you can use it to know how well-versed you are on dating apps.

You also now know how to spot if someone is new to Tinder it may be easier for you as a lot of people won’t have messaged this.

Most dating apps have introduced the New Here tag. You should’ve noticed that the Hinge New Here and Bumble New Here are very similar to Tinder’s.

I hope you found this article helpful. Let us know in the comment section below.

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