How To Restore IMEI Number on Android in 4 Steps

lost imei number on android

So. You have lost your IMEI number on your Android device due to complicated circumstances.

the IMEI number shows up as Null

Now you can’t connect to your Sim network.

IMEI numbers are usually used to block lost or stolen smartphones. This could be your situation as well so I hope this post solves your problems.

Lost IMEI numbers are a common problem as people usually don’t know what they are.

The ‘Invalid IMEI Number’ usually occurs on Android devices such as HTC, Samsung, and Sony.

The error usually happens whenever you install a custom ROM and then update your Android device. This is the most common cause.

This can also happen when you manually modify your IMEI.

When this problem arises, it prevents Sim card to not recognize networks and will, therefore show no signal or network. Your device may not be able to recognize your Sim card as well.

In this article, I’m going to be explaining what can happen when you lose your IMEI number and how to retrieve it using 4 simple steps.


How to retrieve a lost IMEI number: 4 steps


You need to allocate your IMEI number


Things you will need for this:

  • A Jailbroken Android device.

A rooted Android device is a device which allows you to access its operating system code. It allows you to modify it’s software and change p your phones process’ and also allows you to install software which the manufacturer wouldn’t have allowed in the first place.

If you want to know how to Jailbreak your Android device then you will want to check out Digital trends’ guide

You will also need:

  • The IMEI number of your device

You’re are problems screaming as you don’t know what your IMEI number is. Well, read down below to found out.

How to retrieve IMEI number

You can try and find your IMEI it in Settings > and then About.

Try looking in the box off your device when you purchased it. It could also be on your battery somewhere.

The last thing you can try to do is to call this number in your *#06#  dialer


Download the MTK Engineering Mode app


Step 1: You would need to head over to the google play store on your device and download the MTK Engineering Mode app.


Step 2: Head over to Connectivity > Now tap on CDS information.


Step 3: When you are in CDS, tap on Radio Information


how to get lost imei number



Step 4:  Tap on the Phone 1 option and then enter the following digits into the box: AT+EGMR=1,7,’Your IMEI Number’. (Without the quote marks and full stop).


Step 5: After you have done this you can tap on ‘Send AT Command’.


Step 6: Now you will need to restart your device by holding down on the power button while holding down on the Volume Down button. Hold on for about 3-4 seconds until your screen turns black. It should now turn back on in a few moments.


If you have a dual SIM:

Step 1: In the case you own a dual-SIM device you will need to head over to the MTK Engineering App and now choose Phone 2 and enter the following: AT+EMGR=1,10,’Your IMEI Number’. (Without the quote marks and last full stop)


Step 2: Once you have done this you will need to send the command. Now restart your device like in Step 6 above.


You should see the network once you have done this.


Note: If you find that this isn’t working then you could try putting a space after AT i.e AT +EMGR. Do this instead of putting in ‘AT+EMGR’.


If this method didn’t work for you then you will need to go onto my next solution.


Try Installing Backup IMEI

Things you will need for this:

  • Your IMEI number.
  • Root access
  • A computer
  • You will need to install the Mobile MTK Tool. Do this on your PC by just clicking the link Download.
  • You will also need to install  Mobile Uncle tools(Do this on your Android device).


Once you have done all of this, you can now go ahead and follow the steps to get back your lost IMEI number.


Firstly, open up the MTK tool which may be at the bottom of your screen if you are on Windows 10. If not, go to your File Explorer.


  1. Now type in the command Y and press enter
  2. Put in your IMEI number and confirm it by pressing the Enter button.
  3. Now you will have to repeat step number 2.
  4. you will now want to create an IMEI.bak file and then copy it to your device’s storage.
  5. Open the Mobile Uncle app and tap on IMEI Backup and restore the .bak file


Once you how done this you will want to restart your device by holding on the power button while holding down on the Volume down Button. Your device should turn off then back on in a matter of seconds.

Your network should start to show now. If it doesn’t then go onto my next solution.


Try using your device’s code

If you have a Samsung device then this step may work better in your favor. However, this method will work on other devices as well.

Step 1: In your Android dialer enter in the following: *#197328640# or *#*#197328640#*#*


Step 2: In the Command Mode you will want to tap on ‘Common’ from the options given.


Step 3: This step is important. Without leaving the Command screen, click the Menu key.


Step 4: Now tap on Key input and turn Off the FTM.


Step 5: Wait for a good few seconds now. Once you have waited a few seconds, remove your SIM and battery from your Android device.


Step 6: Now put back in your battery, however, don’t put back your SIM card and wait for 30 seconds.


Step 7: Now power up your phone by holding on the power button for up to 3 seconds. When your Android device has turned back on, you will now want to dial in the following command: *#197328640#

Now tap on the Debug Screen followed by control. After you have done this select ‘RRC (HSDPA)‘. To Fix a network that is not registered, you will want to tap on RRC revision.


Now choose HSDPA option and nothing else.


Step 8: When you have done this, restart your device and put in your SIM card. Now dial *#06# to check if your IMEI number has now been found and restored.


Note: Remember not to make any change at all to the MTK app as this may cause a few problems with your IMEI Number.

Visit your local repair store

If you still have a lost IMEI number then you could try visiting your local repair store. They may or may be able to restore your lost IMEI number for a small fee.

Hold on. Don’t leave yet, read below


Wrapping it up

Hopefully, this guide has helped you and you are now able to restore your IMEI number.

If you have any questions then please let me know in the comments below and I will answer your questions for you as soon as possible.

Let me know which method did the trick for you and if you have anything to as then please do below.


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