Shark Vacuum Light Flashing? Here’s The Fix

Shark vacuum flashing

Key Takeaways

  • Blue light indicates normal charging, green light means the device is functioning normally, and red light indicates an error or issue that needs to be addressed.
  • Check the brush roller, internal wiring, and overheating issues, as these are the most common causes of a flashing light.
  • Clean or replace the brush roller, check for internal wiring issues, and let the device cool down if overheating. 

The shark vacuum cleaner is a top-rated household cleaner. Shark offers customers various makes and models of cleaners, mops, air purifiers, and even hair dryers. 

Despite the item’s high customer rating, many customers frequently complain of a mysterious flashing light.

Is the item damaged, charging, or in need of service? There are several different scenarios in which your Shark vacuum might display a blinking light. One main reason is if the battery is low.

In this article, we are going to explain the causes of your blinking light and offer solutions to your vacuum-related issues. 

Why is My Shark Vacuum Light Flashing

Your device may be blinking for several different reasons. The most common explanations are as follows:  

  1. It’s charging 
  2. The motor is burnt out and in need of replacement
  3. There’s a problem with the internal wiring
  4. There’s a problem with the brush belt 
  5. There’s a problem with the brush roller or it’s jammed 
  6. It’s overheated 

If you are experiencing a blinking light, it’s probably because of a jammed brush roller. This is one of the most common vacuum-related issues. 

The brush roller contains several rows of bristles that rotate when you turn on the device. The bristles aid the vacuum cleaner in losing any dirt or other particles that might be buried deep within your carpet. 

There are several vacuum-related terms that you may want to research in case of further issues with the device, namely the crevice tool, electric hose, telescoping wand, dusting brush, and upholstery tool. These items are likely to cause issues with flooring if used incorrectly. 

When the brush roller jams it stops the sweeping and agitation of the floors. Once this happens, the appliance will no longer pick up dirt and debris from your carpet. 

If you notice that your cleaner is not picking up dirt anymore, check your brush roller. Your device may alert you that the brush roller is jammed by blinking red light. 

Why is your brush roller not working? When your brush roller stops working it is typically because it is either dirty or completely broken. If the brush roller is broken, you must buy a replacement. Luckily a dirty brush roller can be easily cleaned. 

Clean The Brush Roller

To clean the brush roller, first, remove it from the vacuum cleaner. Ensure that the vacuum cleaner is unplugged before attempting to alter the device in any way.

You can do this by laying the clean down on its back so that the bottom is exposed. When the bottom of the cleaner is exposed, gently grip the brush roller.

You may need to consult your manual if the brush roller is not coming out. Additionally, there may be a plate that needs to be removed first to access the brush roller.

After removing the brush roller, inspect the item. There is likely hair or other common household debris caught in the roller, and that’s why it has stopped working. You may be able to remove the hair or catch debris with your hands. 

If you no longer see any hair or debris caught in the brush roller, insert it back into the vacuum, being sure to attach the bottom plate again if there was one on your device.

Stand the equipment back up and turn it on. Test the device by vacuuming a small patch of carpet. 

If you manage to fix the problem then the red light will stop blinking and it will work as intended again. 

Despite your best efforts, you may notice that the light continues to blink. Try detaching the brush roller once more. You may have missed something that is causing the issue.

Inspect the brush roller well and then insert it back into the cleaner. Plugin the device and give it a test run.

Is The Brush Roller Broken 

There is a chance that the brush roller is simply broken. If you discover broken bits when inspecting the cleaner do not attempt to use it again until purchasing a new brush roller. 

The brush roller may only need replacement brush strips.

If you don’t have any issues with the brush strip, perhaps the brush roller belt is snapped or broken. You can purchase a replacement brush roller belt. Once the brush roller is sorted, your Shark vacuum should stop blinking its red light.

Shark Vacuum Lights Flashing when charging

The appliance comes with flashing lights to indicate that it is charging. When your device is plugged into an outlet and charging, you will see a blue flashing light.

The charging light does not indicate that someone is wrong! The light is only meant to inform users that their device is charging properly. 

When you see the blue-blinking charging light, everything is fine. You should not worry about your device. 

Shark Vacuum Error lights Meaning

Your Shark vacuum will flash different colored lights to indicate how the device is functioning. Some colors will indicate that the device is functioning normally, whereas other light colors show that the device is in trouble and needs to be managed. 

White Light Flashing

If you do not see any lights that means that the device is powered off. 

shark vacuum white light

A blinking or flashing light will indicate that the battery is low. You should immediately plug in the device and allow it to fully charge if you desire to use the device later that day. 

A repeatedly blinking light may also indicate that there is an error with your device. 

Green Light Blinking

When you observe a green light flashing this indicates that the device is functioning normally. There are no issues with the device, and you are free to use the device. 

Red Light Blinking

Red Light Blinking

A red light will flash if:

  • Your motor is burnt out
  • Your brush roller is jammed or broken
  • It’s overheating
  • The vacuum needs to be emptied
  • It’s malfunctioning

On Shark ION Robot R75, a flashing red “CLEAN” light means the robot may be stuck on an obstacle or the front bumper is jammed. Cleaning the cliff sensors and inspecting the bumper can resolve this issue.

A flashing red light on many Shark vacuums, including the LV800 Cordless Series, typically indicates overheating due to a jammed brush roll or blockage. Let the equipment cool down for 30-60 minutes, then check and clean the brush roll and other parts as needed.

If the brush roll is not spinning at all, there may be a blockage in the suction path. Remove the dustbin and filter, then check for any debris or objects stuck inside the vacuum that could be blocking airflow and causing the suction motor error.

As we discussed previously, your cleaner will flash a red light when there is a problem with the brush roller.

The brush roller is easily jammed by hair. Please review the article’s section about the causes of blinking lights for detailed information about the problem and solutions for how to fix it.

To summarize, the brush roller allows your cleaner to sweep the floors and pull up dirt and other debris.

When the brush roller is broken or disturbed, it will not sweep the floor properly, therefore, your carpet will remain uncleaned.

The brush roller can be fixed by removing the part from the vacuum, cleaning it, and placing it back into the device. If this does not solve your issue, consult the manual and replace the brush roller with a new one.

Your Shark vacuum may also flash red whenever there is a problem with the device. The device may be overheating, or there is an issue with internal wiring.

If you smell a burnt smell and have already emptied the vacuum, turn off the vacuum, unplug it, and allow it to cool for a few minutes before attempting to use the device again. We discuss the issue in more detail further down the article. 

Shark Robot Vacuum Issues

Shark Robot Vacuum RV750

If you have a Shark robot vacuum like the RV750, a flashing red “clean” light specifically means the cliff sensors need to be cleaned. Use a Q-tip to wipe the four cliff sensors on the bottom of the robot.

This section would be added to the existing content, which discusses Shark robot vacuum issues and how to resolve them.

Burnt Monitor

The device’s monitor can burn out after heavy use, device malfunctions, or the age of the cleaner. However, in most cases, the monitor isn’t burnt out, it just needs some adjustments!

Whenever the device malfunctions it displays a red blinking light. 

You may assume that the monitor is burnt after smelling a burnt smell. That’s not likely the cause. Instead, the device may just be overheated.

The burnt smell is coming from an overheated monitor or one of the attachments added to the device, such as a telescoping wand, dusting brush, or upholstery tool. 

Your Shark vacuum may also need emptying. If you are a heavy user of your treasured cleaner then perhaps it’s slipped your mind to empty the cleaner, at least once or twice.

When the vacuum is full it may emit a burnt smell. To solve the problem, unplug your cleaner, open it out, and empty all dirt and debris from the device. Plug the device back into the wall and test out the device. 

Turn It off and Let It Cool

As explained, you might be smelling a foul burnt odor when the device is overheated or in need of emptying. If you are a heavy user of the clean, turn it off from time to time, and allow the monitor to cool. 

If the device has malfunctioned, it will display a red blinking light. 

Luckily, your Shark vacuum contains an internal thermostat to prevent the monitor from completely burning out or the device from being dangerously hot.

This means that your vacuum will stop running to protect itself. At this point, you may begin to see the red light flash.

The solution to an overheated Shark vacuum is simple – turn it off, unplug it, and allow it to cool for a few minutes. The issue should be resolved after that. 

If you find that the device does not cool down when left alone consider that there may be an issue with the device. It may need service or a full replacement if the issue doesn’t resolve. 

Shark vacuums are highly rated household items with stellar customer reviews on most sites, so the chances of you needing a full replacement so soon after purchase are not likely.

However, manufacturing errors do occur which is why the device comes with a warranty. If your device is considerably old or misused, it may be time for a replacement. 

Deep Clean the Vacuum

Your Shark vacuum may be in much-needed need of a deep clean after extensive use or it’s been a long time since you last cleaned the device.

Customers should clean their Shark vacuum from time to time to allow the device to run efficiently over a much longer period. When the device becomes dirty, its cleaning capabilities are greatly reduced. 

It’s time to clean your vacuum if,

  • You notice odd smells
  • You notice burnt smells
  • You notice strange noises when operating the device
  • The device does not clean the floors as well – loss of suction, dirt left behind 

Cleaning your Shark vacuum will take time as you will need to disassemble the device and clean each part individually. You must ensure that the device is completely powered off and unplugged before cleaning. 

Begin by removing the dirtiest part of the device – the dirt canister. You will want to empty the container and then clean it with soap and water. Allow to completely dry before putting it back into the device. 

Remove then clean the filter. Shark Vacuums come with a filter. The filter can become extremely dirty over extended use, or repeatedly rolling over a dirty floor. 

Remove the brush roller from the device and begin cleaning it. You will want to remove large pieces of dirt and debris by hand.

We recommend using a pair of scissors to cut through hair and anything else that may be wrapped around the roller. 

Cleaning the brush roller is a messy affair. Therefore, ensure you have put down tissue or towels before cleaning your brush roller. The towel will capture any debris as it falls out of the brush roller.

Lastly, you will want to clean out the handle hose and any other attachment that you’ve used before. Remove the attachments from the Shark vacuum.

Shake to remove any easy bits of dirt, then wipe with a moist towel. Some attachments, such as the handle hose, can be put in water. Run hot water through the handle horse for a few minutes. Add soap. Rinse and dry completely. 

Allow every piece of the equipment to fully dry before re-attaching to the cleaner. 

After a deep clean you should observe your Shark vacuum cleaner running smoothly and better than before. 

Regular Maintenance

Remember to empty the dustbin regularly and clean the filters monthly to prevent clogs and maintain suction power.

By following these tips, you can keep your vacuum running efficiently and effectively.

Make Sure Fully Charged

Ensure that you remember to charge your Shark vacuum fully. When charging the device will flash a blue light. The light does not indicate an internal issue, instead, it shows that the device is operating as intended. 

Shark Apex Lights Flashing

Once again the brush roller is at fault. Whenever you see a light flashing on the Shark Apex this indicates that you did not properly close the plate that covers the brush roller.

To resolve this issue, turn off the device and unplug it. Lay the vacuum cleaner on its back and press against the plates firmly until fully closed.  

Shark Duoclean Headline Lights Flashing

Shark’s Duoclean is a popular model from Shark’s inventory. This model offers users LED for finding hidden debris around the house, high power to pick up big and small particles, anti-allergen filters, and up to an hour of use per charge. 

Like any other model of Shark vacuum cleaners, this model uses lights to indicate when there is an error.

Anytime you see a red flashing light there is an issue with the device. As a result, the device should be powered off, unplugged, and the issue investigated. 

Red light: malfunction, wire issues, jammed dirt roller, overheating

Blue light: charging

Greenlight: working normally 

We have covered several solutions to the red blinking light above. You can find a detailed explanation of the problem above.

To summarize, we recommend that users allow the red light to turn off before attempting to use the device. The device’s red light may indicate that there is an issue with the wiring or hardware. 

The Shark vacuum has internal sensors that control the temperature. If the device overheats, it will no longer work.

We recommend turning off the device and allowing it to cool. After this, the red light and any odd smells coming from the device should resolve. 

You should investigate the brush rollers. The brush rollers are found on the bottom of the device. These rollers are what make cleaning possible.

They sweep the floor, losing up dirt for the cleaner to later pick up. Heavy use may cause the brush roller to jam. They may also be jammed by the hair and other loose items on the floor. 

If you suspect that your brush roller is the issue, lay the vacuum down and open the bottom panel. You can remove the brush roller.

Inspect it carefully for tangled hair or anything that’s wrapped around the roller. Remove with hands or scissors.

As you move the brush roller, aspects of dirt may fall from the roller. Therefore we recommend putting down a towel to collect loose particles. 

Reset Shark Vacuum

If you have a Shark Vacuum that is blinking, you can fix it. Make sure the charger is plugged into an outlet with power.

If it’s still flashing, check to see if your vacuum has a reset button (on the bottom of the unit). Press this button and wait for the light to turn green before trying to use your Shark again.

If your vacuum still doesn’t turn on after pressing this button, you may need to replace the battery pack. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1: Remove the handle from the front of your vacuum by lifting it and pulling it toward you until it pops off.

Step 2: Unscrew two screws on each side of the body where you removed the handle using an Allen wrench or screwdriver.

Step 3: Lift on one side and push down on the other side so that both sides pop out from one another.

You should now see two metal clips holding down each end of your battery pack — remove these clips by pulling them off with your fingers or pliers if necessary!

Remove them entirely from your Shark Vacuum using your hands or pliers if necessary.

Replace Shark Vacuum

Replacing your shark vacuum cleaner is not hard. When you buy one, it comes with clear instructions on how to return parts as needed.

This is excellent if you are someone who doesn’t know much about appliances or if you just want something simple to use.

Buying a new vacuum will save you the trouble of having to get a technician to fix it every so often which will pile up to the total cost of the Shark Vacuum.


Shark vacuums are some of the best devices on the market right now. They come with plenty of functions to satisfy most of your everyday household and cleaning needs.

Your device communicates that it is functioning properly by flashing lights. When you see a green or blue light you should not worry as the device is working as intended. There are no problems with the device at this point. 

On the other hand, a red light will indicate that there is an issue with the device. Always unplug the device first before attempting to resolve issues with the device.

Once the device is unplugged and turned off, open the dirt canister to inspect it for excessive dirt. Then, lay the device down to see if you can spot any issues with the brush roller. 

If the issues do not resolve after your best efforts, consult the device’s manual and consider bringing the device in for inspection.

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