Tinder Notification But No Message? Here’s The Fix

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So. You get a notification from Tinder telling you you’ve received a new message from a potential lover. You start to get excited, especially if it is someone you like.

However, you go on the Tinder app and find that you can’t see the message. This means that you can’t reply to these messages either.

This is a common problem that Tinder has been facing for a while now and they still haven’t solved the issue.

Many users have been reporting similar issues for example they are not able to see Tinder matches. It seems like Tinder has lots of work to do.

The reason Tinder doesn’t show your message is because of software issues. You need to update the Tinder app unless you’ll receive notifications but see no messages.

To start with I’m going to be explaining a few of the problems people have been having when it comes to the problem like loading and notification issues. If you want to skip to this part you then scroll past the reason why your messages are not showing in the first place.

Why Are My Tinder Messages Not Showing?

Right now it’s hard to say what’s causing the issue. One assumption I can make is that it’s a bug.

Tinders servers receive billions of messages a day so it is no surprise that a bug can arise all of a sudden which may cause the internal software to glitch.

This is probably the reason why you see a notification saying you got a message but then you aren’t able to see that message when going into the app.

Whenever that notification means you have been sent a message but you won’t be able to see it for whatever reason.

If you ever receive a notification saying you’ve got a message but you can’t see it, it’s most likely because the match might have blocked you shortly have they sent you a message.

This is common so I would just check whether or not that person is still in your inbox. If not then they have unmatched you or just deleted their account.

Another reason why this may be happening could be down to your network connection. Not specifically your internet connection but your network connection as a whole.

When you have network problems Tinder may not load as it normally would so you will need to be checking your network settings which I will be getting into down below.

Tinder bots have been an issue this year and that can cause problems as they commonly send messages and delete the account right after so in this case, Tinder will not be able to show you the message.

Tinder Messages Not Loading

A lot of users have also reported that their messages are not loading or coming through. Loading issues are a huge problem on Tinder in general.

If your messages are not loading or neither are your matches then you might be losing out on a potential lover which isn’t fair. You’re on there for that reason specifically so why should you be having the problem.

The reason you’re having loading problems on the app which causes your messages not to go through is that there is something wrong with you’re internet connection.

If this isn’t the case then the problem is with Tinder itself. The development of the app doesn’t seem to be finished. I think it will take some more months until this problem no longer occurs.

You might want to have a look at your account as well. If you can’t see your Tinder messages because they aren’t loading then you may want to consider making a new account.

This can sometimes happen to random accounts and it may take days to rectify. If you don’t want to make a new account then I would just wait it out.

It’s important that before you consider any of this, you should make sure you’re internet is working properly. If it is then work through the solutions down below and then try the suggestion above.

Tinder Notification But No Message

Notification issues have been a big problem on this app since 2021 and beyond. The problem users report is that they are getting a notification from Tinder but they aren’t receiving any messages.

If you get a notification saying you have a message but you can’t see it or it’s not coming through then there are a few reasons why this is.

One reason you can’t see these messages when you get a notification is that the person who sent you the message might have deleted their account. When someone deletes their account all of their messages will be gone.

If you can still see this person’s account then you should force start the app which I show you how to do down below. This will reset any malfunctions that may be causing messages not to come through when you get a notification.

This may also fix any temporary loading issues. Another reason why you might be getting a notification but not getting a message is if the person who sent it unmatched you straight after.

This is common so don’t think you said or did anything wrong. It’s never really anything personal. So if Tinder says you have a message but you can’t see it then you most likely know why.

This can also commonly be caused by bad Wi-Fi or mobile data so you must check that as well.

Force Start the Tinder App

This problem used to happen to me a while back and when I force closed the app and opened it again I managed to see the message I couldn’t see a minute ago.

Closing the app forces it to reset any malfunctions it was facing previously.

If you are on an iOS device such as the iPhone then you would need to swipe up or double-tap your home button. When this screen comes up, swipe up on the tinder app to delete it.

cant see messages on tinder

If you are on an Android then you would have to head over to settings > Apps > Tap on the Running Tab > look for Tinder > Tap on Force Close.

Now open up Tinder and hopefully, you will now be able to see the messages that you were unable to see previously.

Even if you don’t see it then it’s unlikely that this problem would occur again.

Check your Internet connection

This is probably one of the main reasons why that message isn’t showing up on the Tinder app.

If your internet connection is unstable then this could affect your Tinder experiences massively.

Check if the Wi-Fi icon is at the top of your screen. Head over to Settings > and head over to the Wi-Fi settings on whichever device you are using.

Now turn On and Off Wi-Fi then head back over to the tinder app and see if that message shows up. If you were already using W-Fi then you may want to switch to Cellular Data.

Cellular data is more stable when it comes to an internet connection when you have full network coverage.

Step 1: Head over to the settings app and tap on Cellular, Mobile, or Usage data depending on which device you’re using. Now toggle it on. Make sure to turn off Wi-Fi once you have done this.

Cellular/Mobile Data in iPhone Settings app

If you were wondering why you were not getting messaged back on Tinder then it could be that your messages are not coming through to the other person due to a bad internet connection.

Once you have fixed it other people should be able to see your messages show up and be able to message you back. If you’re still having loading issues then go on to my next suggestion.

Check Your Router

If you have access to a router or if you’re having these loading issues in your home then you might want to check your Wi-Fi box also known as your router.

This box controls your Wi-Fi and internet connection in general. If you don’t know what it is then ask the owner of the house.

It is a small box which has small flashing lights on it. Look for any labels that say Wi-Fi password. If there are then you have found it.

Make sure to turn it off and on. Wait for up to 30 seconds before turning it back on again.

Use a VPN Network

I usually use Tinder while on a VPN network. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.

Sometimes your Wi-Fi providers may block you from using age-restricted apps such as Tinder at a certain time which will stop you from seeing that message.

When you use a VPN network, your internet connection goes through a private network and will be able to access Tinder.

You are probably wondering, how on earth do I use a VPN. I’m not a computer geek?

If you are on iOS you can head over to your App store and search for Tunnel Bear VPN which I recommend as the best.

Once you have downloaded this, the steps on the app are easy to follow. You will be asked to set it up with your device which should take less than a minute. Make sure you are connected to the internet before you connect to the VPN network.

Once you have done this, you can go on the Tinder app and check if you can now see that message you have been dying to see.

Delete the Tinder app or Check For an Update

The Tinder app may be temporarily down, or it may just be a temporary software issue. When you delete the app or update it these malfunctions will most likely go away.

Here’s how to delete an app on an Android device.

deleting apps on iPhone
Should look something like this on iOS

To check if there is a Tinder update then just go into your app store and look in the section where all your apps are in.

Here it should tell you if an update is needed. If you see the update button then I would update it. Updating apps usually get rid of software issue that were causing problems.

Click on the update button in the app store and wait for a few seconds depending on how fast your connection is.

If it is a big update then your problem should be fixed. You will know if it is a big one if the layout has changed slightly.

Message Your Matches Outside of Tinder

Whenever I used to face this issue I would always double-check with my matches. I would ask whoever I receive the notification from whether or not they sent me a message.

This only works if you can still see that user. They would usually respond that they did send me a message. I just can’t see it as Tinder won’t show it to me.

After this, I would usually ask them whether they have Snapchat or Instagram so we could talk there. This would reduce the chances of me missing a message whenever they sent one.

Nearly 100% of the time they would see yes. Even before these issues arise I would always try and take them to another app as I know how faulty tinder is.

Make sure you try and do these once you have exchanged a few messages back and forth and not just off the bat.

It’s not like you guys will stay messaging on that app forever so you should do it sooner rather than later.

Restart your Device

Your device may be the problem. Whichever smartphone you’re are using, you would want to turn it Off and On again.

This will reset any temporary software issues that occur on your phone at that current moment in time.

Once your phone is back on check if you can see your messages. This method is a hit or a miss as your device isn’t usually the issue in this case.

To restart your iPhone just hold down on the power button which is usually on the right for about three seconds. A power-off option should show up on the scroll.

Swipe to the right to reset it then you power it back on by holding down on the button again. This should only take 10 seconds.

If you’re on a newer model iPhone then hold on to the power button while holding on to the volume down button then follow the steps above you.

On an Android device like a Samsung, it is as easy as holding down the power button and clicking on the power off option.

Make Sure Location Services are Turned On

As you probably already know, you can’t use Tinder without having your location and GPS services on.

If you already have the Location on then go on to my next suggestion. If not then carry on reading.

Your location allows Tinder to know where you are. Even if this might not have a direct issue with your messages not showing up, it is still good practice to do this.

To turn on your location services on an iOS device, you would need to head over to Settings > Scroll down to Privacy > Tap on Location > Toggle it on.

If you are on an Android device then go to Settings > connections > Toggle on Location in the top right.

Tinder doesn’t let you swipe on potential matches if your location isn’t on so this might be causing the issue but this is in rare cases.

Tinder Might Currently be Down

A lot of the times Tinder faces times where it might not be working for a while. When this happens the app can be pretty annoying.

When this happens you might want to check a website called DownDetector. This website tells you when an app is currently down.

tinder is down

Other users comment on the current issues they’re facing so you do get an idea of when this happens.

If you find that the app is currently down then you should wait till the next day as I’ve found that this is how long it takes for tinder t solve issues.

If you can’t wait then just use another app which I will be getting into below.


Hopefully, you can now see that message you’ve been looking for on tinder. If you still can’t then I would suggest you try other dating apps.

There are other alternatives to Tinder such as Hinge or Bumble. These apps don’t have any of the issues tinder is currently having so they would be a safe bet.

These apps are easily located in your app store so just download them. You can try contacting Tinder support.

tinder support page

They are really helpful and you can raise any issue you are having, however, you will most likely be directed to their FAQ page so just have a look on there beforehand.

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