Tinder Not Showing Likes? Here’s The Fix

tinder not showing likes

Tinder is one of the best dating apps out there but it seems to be a bit of a shame that a lot of problems occur within the app itself.

One of these main problems is that Tinder sometimes doesn’t seem to be showing people the likes they get.

One way this issue occurs is when Tinder says you have gotten a like then you go on the app and you find that no one has liked you.

The reason Tinder keeps saying you have a like when you don’t is because of a bug within Tinder’s software. Once Tinder developers fix this bug, you should not be getting faulty notifications again.

There are other reasons why may keep saying you have a like when you don’t and that could be because of a bad internet connection.

To start off with, I’ll be explaining a common problem Tinder users are having with Tinder where it’s not showing them their sent likes. I will go on to explain why Tinder isn’t showing you your likes.

Tinder Likes Sent Not Showing

Many Tinder users have been reporting that their likes in the likes sent section are showing up. In your sent likes section it should show you the likes you have sent as seen in the image below.

tinder likes sent

If your likes sent are showing up then it is usually because of a glitch or bad internet connection. To fix this problem, force starting the app will help.

This is simply done by closing the app on iOS. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen then swipe up again on the Tinder app. Once you have force-closed it, reopen it and you should be able to see your likes sent.

If that doesn’t work and nothing is appearing, check if you have a bad internet connection. Switch from wifi to data and back and see if this helps load anything.

If that doesn’t work, try some of the solutions below.

Tinder Likes Not Showing Up

If you have Tinder Gold but you are not able to see your likes then this may be down to a few reasons. Tinder Gold enables you to see who likes you instantly so this shouldn’t be the case.

Since you’re paying for it you expect to see new likes instantly but sometimes when the Tinder app is not working properly you may not be able to see new likes.

When someone likes you, it takes time for that new like to be registered since the Tinder app is quite slow. I have found that it takes about a minute from the time Tinder tells me I have a like to the like actually showing up.

You may want to also consider if you have a good internet connection. I’ll be showing you down below how to check this properly.

Tinder doesn’t just randomly decide to not show your likes or matches so it’s important to wait for it to load. If the app is down then you will need to wait for them to fix the issue.

Why Does Tinder Say I Have a Like When I Don’t

The main reason Tinder says you have a like when you don’t via a notification is because of a glitch.

Whenever you receive a notification from Tinder telling you you have a like, sometimes that notification can be an old one from a previous like you weren’t notified for.

You will usually know if this was the case if you end up never seeing you liked you. Or, you remember that you weren’t notified when you last got a like.

Another reason for this could be due to a bad internet connection or a slow app. Tinder likes take time to load especially if they are new likes. If you find that either of these is not loading then just wait for a full minute or check your internet connection.

A lot of users report to us saying that Tinder says they have a like but it doesn’t show up. Another reason why this may be happening is that the like you received might have undone it.

Get Tinder Gold To See Your Likes

You may have noticed that Tinder sends you a notification saying you have a new like but when you go on the app you are not able to see the like.

This could be because of the marketing tactics they use when trying to get you to go on the app. If you barely go on the app you will always get these notifications.

tinder likes

For this reason, you may be inclined to get tinder gold as it will give you the ability to see those likes. However, this comes at a price.

Once you have paid for this upgrade you will be able to see your likes. You might notice that some of your Tinder likes are bots. This could be another way Tinder could’ve enticed you to get Gold.

Force Start The Tinder App

Whenever Tinder doesn’t show me my likes the immediate thing that comes to thought is to close the app which is what a force start is.

Force-starting Tinder will get rid of any temporary software glitches I was talking about. This goes the same with malfunctions.

To force close the Tinder app on your iPhone you should double-tap your home button until you see apps pop up. Now swipe up on Tinder.

If you don’t have a home button on your iPhone then swipe up from the bottom and follow the steps above.

how to force start an app

If you’re on an Android phone like a Samsung then just go into settings and look for App, find the Tinder app then hit force close. Once you are done go back on the app and check if Tinder is now showing you your likes.

Check Your Internet Connection

A bad internet connection can be a big issue when it comes to not being able to see your likes on Tinder.

When your connection is bad then this stops certain things like likes from not loading. If your likes or matches are not loading on Tinder then you would need to switch to W-Fi or cellular data.

To do this switch on your iPhone you can do it in settings or just swipe up from the bottom to access the control panel.

If your iPhone doesn’t have a home button then swipe down from the top right and you will be able to see the Wi-Fi icon.

airplane mode, wifi and cellular data

You can do this in the settings if you’re on an Android device. You can also try turning off and on airplane mode as this temporarily resets your network settings.

Turn on and off your Wi-Fi, you are seeing low bars on your device. If the bars are still low then try going to a different location until it’s working properly.

Update Tinder

If you haven’t updated the Tinder app in a while then I would suggest it’s best to do so. If old software is left on there then it can cause problems.

When the app gets updated they tend to fix a lot of issues, like you not being able to see your likes.

However, tinder doesn’t roll out these updates often so it is best you set up your app store to automatically update apps when there is one available.

To update the app on any phone just head into your app store > type in Tinder > and click on update.

If the app has already been updated but the update isn’t registering, > delete the app and reinstall it. Deleting the app will clear the cache which is just the old file pages stored on the app so it is able to load properly.

How to Delete Tinder

Don’t worry this won’t delete anything of importance. To delete the app just press down on it and click the cross then confirm to delete. This can also be done by finding the app in settings.

deleting apps on iPhone

If you just want to clear the cache without deleting it on your iPhone then just go onto Settings then click General > Storage > find the app and click on it then tap on Delete All.

Tinder Might be Down

The reason why Tinder may be saying you have a like when you don’t could be due to the fact that the Tinder app is down. When this happens pretty much nothing works on Tinder.

It becomes very glitchy and frustrating. When this happens all you can do is wait for Tinder to find the problem. They usually do this in less than 24 hours. You can tell when it is down by using the Down Detector website.

This gives in-live reports whenever apps are down. You can see the graph which shows you how big the problem is.

tinder is down

If there is a large spike then the app is most likely down for a lot of people. The result of this is things like matches and likes not loading.

If you are unable to wait then I would suggest you just use another dating app until the issue has been resolved.

Restart Your Device

If your device is the problem that is causing this then you will need to turn it off and then on again just take make sure this isn’t the culprit.

When your device isn’t working properly, restarting it will reset any current issues you’re having with Tinder likes and so forth.

When your phone is back on you will need to see if your likes now show up or update. Usually, the phone someone isn’t the reason an app might be glitching but it happens.

To restart your iPhone you will need to hold down on the power button for a few seconds until you see the Apple logo.

Turn On Your Location

As you probably know, you cant like potential matches on Tinder without your location being on. Having your location lets Tinder allows for your swipe queue to be available so you can actually match with likes.

To turn location services On on your iPhone just go into settings and then scroll down to Privacy. From here you should toggle it on.

This can be done on Android by going onto the connections section in your settings and hitting Location in the top right.

Try Using a VPN Network

A VPN network is a virtual private network. These networks allow you to browse the internet in a private network that is not your own.

Because of this, you are also to do certain things that apps don’t allow you to do in certain locations

With a VPN you can also change your location however Tinder is clever to only use the location on your device and not your IP address.

I have found that having my VPN on while using Tinder allows me to load my matches and likes much more easily. This is an old hack so it probably doesn’t work anymore.

Rember that after using the VPN your location will change. You will need to turn off the VPPN if it doesn’t fix anything > delete the app > reinstall it then log back in. Your location should now be back to normal.


You should now be able to see your matches with ease. Remember this article isn’t a quick fix and you will have to keep trying and testing until a solution sticks.

If Tinder is saying you have a like when you don’t it’s usually a glitch. The notification is delayed and was for a previous like you had.

If your sent likes aren’t showing up then this is probably down to a glitch. All in all, make sure you have a good working internet connection if your likes or sent likes aren’t loading up properly.

Make sure to get Tinder Gold as it will actually enable you to see your likes.

If you need this problem resolved then you can contact Tinder support. They will be able to give you a better-suited solution.

tinder support page

You may be directed to their FAQ page so just be prepared that they may not have a specific solution.

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