She Unfollowed Me on Instagram! (8 Reasons Why)

why did she unfollow me on instagram

A girl you know has just unfollowed you, which has probably made you upset. There are a multitude of reasons why a girl may unfollow on Instagram.

You are probably overthinking why she has unfollowed you. Maybe you posted an unflattering picture of yourself or she just doesn’t know you that well.

In most cases, if a girl unfollows you on Instagram, it’s because she doesn’t speak to you anymore or knows you that well.

In this article, I’ll be outlining all of the reasons why a girl would unfollow and how to find out for sure.

Why Did She Unfollow Me on Instagram?

There are a few reasons why a girl will unfollow you on Instagram. You have to have a better idea of the situation using the reasons I outline below.

You need to keep in mind what you may have recently posted, what you recently said to her, if you know her that well, and how many people she follows.

Apply all the reasons to you if applicable down below and you should come to a conclusive conclusion.

Didn’t Like What You Posted

She might have unfollowed you because she doesn’t like the sort of pictures or stories you post. I you don’t post the conventional selfie and post things that may be obscure then most people aren’t used to this.

It could just be that you posted an opinion she doesn’t agree with. This may have put you off her and she unfollowed you because of you.

If it’s something you usually post and she randomly unfollowed you after a few months, this wouldn’t be the case. If it was close to the time you did post, it’s probably because of what you posted.

You need to make sure that you haven’t recently posted anything off-putting. If you have then this may be why you have been unfollowed. I would delete this to avoid any more unfollows.

Doesn’t Find You Attractive

Most people usually only follow people who they find attractive. If she doesn’t find you attractive, this can be a big reason why she unfollowed you.

Now I can’t say whether you are or you aren’t but you can know if you’re her usual type by looking at her following list. If most of the guys she follows don’t look like you then it’s probably because of this very reason.

If you were talking to her romantically then this probably isn’t the case. If you guys haven’t been talking romantically then this could be one of the possibilities.

Only Follows Close Friends and Family

Some girls just sometimes decide one day that they’re going to only follow people that are really close to them or just people they know and/or have actually met.

If you haven’t actually met this girl then there is a very high chance that she will unfollow you for this reason. Since you aren’t really meant to follow people you don’t know, this would be a valid reason.

Now you can know if this is the case if you notice that her following has dropped by a lot or is slowly dropping. If she now has a lower following count then it is probably for this reason.

She is just choosing to be more exclusive. If they already had a low following in the first case then you should be surprised you weren’t unfollowed sooner.

Only Followed You For a Follow Back

Some girls just follow people for them to follow them back and then unfollow them a while later. This is a strategy for them to gain a higher following.

Since Instagram doesn’t notify you when someone unfollows you, they can do this without going unnoticed. You can know if a girl is doing this if her following keeps going up the second she follows you.

If you do notice this then don’t follow them in the first place. Essentially, you were just used for a follow back.

If you have never spoken to this girl or don’t have mutual friends then this is more likely the case. Especially if your account is private.

You Don’t Post Much

If you don’t post much, there won’t be a reason for her to follow you. Instagram is for posting pictures and stories. If you don’t really have any of those or don’t post often at all then you need to start posting more.

When you don’t post, people forget that you’re on Instagram. For this reason, no one would have a reason to follow you.

Start posting more often even if it’s just stories. But if you didn’t post much in general then this could be the reason. Especially if it has been over a year and you only have one post.

You Post Too Much

Some people can just get annoyed if you post too much. You show up too much on her feed and maybe it was bugging. Especially if she doesn’t like your posts.

If you post once a day then I would regard this as too much. If it’s stories then this isn’t relatable to you. But if it’s posts then this could be one of the reasons.

If these posts are just random things and not actually good posts of yourself then it should be no surprise to you why hse may have unfollowed you.

It Was an Accident

Sometimes, if someone is on their account scrolling through their followers. When scrolling, her finger may have tapped on the following button which made her accidentally follow you.

If she didn’t realize then you wouldn’t have gotten a follow back. If she did follow you back pretty quickly then it’s more likely that it was just an accident.

Sometimes this can happen in the activity tab as well. If you recently followed her, it’s more likely she accidentally unfollowed you if she was scrolling on her activity tab where notifications are.

instagram activity tab

She Wanted to See Your Posts

Sometimes, if a girl likes your profile picture but your account is private, she may decide to follow in case she likes your picture.

However, if she does follow you and she doesn’t like your pictures or stories then she will just unfollow you. You can know if this was the case if you just accepted her follow request and she unfollowed you a few hours later.

To avoid this happening in the future you should leave your Instagram account public so people may not be disappointed but just improve yourself in general to make your pictures better.

If it was a few days after you accepted the follow then this probably wouldn’t have been shy she unfollowed you.

Just Ask Her

Instead of all of this speculation, you could simply just ask the girl. This would stop you from overthinking and actually give you the correct answer.

If you guys don’t talk much then I would not do this as it may come across as weird.

However, if you were talking at some point then this is a valid solution to finding the answer. Put it like this, “Hey, noticed you unfollowed me, what’s up”?

Now if you feel like this would be weird then definitely don’t do it. But if it’s continuously playing on your mind then this is the only way to put it to rest.


You should now have a better idea as to why this girl has unfollowed you on Instagram. In most cases, she just doesn’t like you in the case that you guys were talking.

If you don’t know her like that, then it would just be that she unfollowed you because you guys don’t know each other very well.

In other cases, she may just not like what you post. Maybe you should post more things similar to what other people she follows post. This is especially the case if your account is private.

Sometimes, a girl may just briefly follow you, so you follow back, then unfollow you. Essentially for her to just gain more followers.