What Does Unicorn Mean on Tinder?

unicorn on tinder

You might be confused as you’ve seen a unicorn in someone’s Tinder bio and you have no idea what it means. Seeing this Unicorn symbol on Tinder is quite rare as I’ll explain down below.

The unicorn emoji can be different things depending on who’s using it. It usually means a bisexual girl who is looking for a couple to partake in a threesome with.

However, if it’s used by a couple on one of these dating apps, it could mean they are looking for something else.

In this article, I’m going to be going through the different things a unicorn symbol could mean based on whose profile it’s on.

Unicorn Meaning on Tinder

The unicorn term is commonly used amongst swingers on Tinder and the LGBT community. It’s usually a symbol put in a Tinder bio by a bisexual couple who is looking for someone to join them in their activities.

The symbol is usually only known by people in that community so it is no surprise that you don’t know what it means after continuously seeing it on a few profiles.

The reason it’s a unicorn symbol is because these people are rare and you don’t come across them often. They are not easy to come by just like a unicorn.

Both people in the couple are usually bisexual as they tend to look for girls. Obviously the girl in the couple would have to be happy to partake in the activities with another girl.

Sometimes this symbol might be used by a single person which I will be getting into down below.

What Does it Mean if a Girl Puts a Unicorn on Tinder?

When a girl puts a unicorn emoji, it usually means that she’s bisexual and is looking for a couple to partake in a threeway with.

This again is a rare occurrence as there aren’t many of these girls who are looking for this specifically. If you see this on a single girl’s profile then you should be confident in knowing what she’s looking for.

However, if you are a single guy, it’s best to not swipe on her as she may not be looking for a traditional relationship.

Who is the Unicorn Used For

The unicorn is mainly used by couples looking for girls who like both genders.

This is because, men are the ones who usually initiate the search and in turn, most men in heterosexual couples won’t want another male joining in their activities which is why bisexual females are the main people who are sought after.

If you are a guy then it’s unlikely that you’ll be picked to be in a threesome by one of these couples.

If you are a guy wondering to swipe on an account with a unicorn emoji then you’re probably wasting your time as the owner of the account will be unlikely to match you.

Be Careful Putting a Unicorn

When putting a unicorn, it may not be obvious to other people. This means that another person could swipe on your profile and be unaware of what you’re looking for since the Unicorn symbol isn’t really popular amongst normal people.

When you do end up disclosing that you are looking for a threesome, the people you match with may be annoyed that you are not looking for what they are looking for and therefore unmatch you.

If so many people start unmatching you, it may affect your Tinder score, and there it will lead to you getting fewer matches. In addition, these people could report you and you may end up losing your account.

If I were you, I would make it obvious what I’m looking for instead of using the Unicorn emoji.

This is just to prevent people from getting surprised when you tell them what you’re looking for and it also lets you match with people who are already clued up.


To clarify, the unicorn symbol is mainly used by bisexual girls and couples who are willing to partake in a threesome together.

If you are a single guy seeing this Unicorn, I would recommend you swipe left as they may not be interested. I would also not use it as a single guy either as you may not find the desired outcome, or it will be very unlikely.

It’s mainly not used by straight people and only people in certain communities who are usually clued up on these symbols.

If you do end up matching with someone with a Unicorn in their bio, it’s best to ask what they looking for and not play a guessing game based on what you’ve read in this article.

Hopefully, by now you are clued up on the meaning of this symbol. If you are looking to use it I would definitely do more research.

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