Airpods Went Through Washer and Dryer

airpods went through washer and dryer

Did you accidentally let your AirPods through your washer and dryer? The AirPods are so small, and it is easy to forget them in the pockets of your clothes, especially your jeans.

And if you don’t remember to take them out, the worst place they can end up is in your washer and dryer the next time you are doing laundry.

So what does it mean for your AirPods if they go through the washer and dryer? Is there hope left for your AirPods, or are they dead? Can you save them?

We have some good news if you felt it was the end of the road for your AirPods. There are some fixes you can do to save your AirPods. So don’t give up yet.

Because I have previously been in your shoes, I understand how painful it can be to drop your AirPods on the washer and dryer.

Make Sure They’re Dry

The first thing you should do if your AirPods go through the washer and dryer is to ensure they are dry.

As you already know, water and electricity don’t work well together. For this reason, you want to ensure that no single water droplet is left on the AirPod. Your AirPods will not work if there is a trace of water in them.

Remember that Apple says that AirPods are not fully waterproof. Because they are not water resistant, they must be dry if they are to work at all.

They are just slightly waterproof and splashproof. This feature gives you a small window by which, if you work and dry your AirPods, they might work again.

If you want to salvage your AirPods, remove the water in them as soon as possible. The fastest way to get rid of any water from your AirPods is by shaking them off and then drying them with a cloth.

Any cloth will work, but it would be better if you used a microfiber cloth. After that, all you have to do is leave them to dry.

Use Silica Gel Packets

Silica gel is tiny packets that expand and absorb moisture when exposed to water, keeping things dry.

To use them, open up the package and place them between two pieces of paper, letting them sit there for 20 minutes before removing them from them.

You can also use regular coffee filter paper, but make sure that it is not too thick, as it will have a hard time absorbing the water from your AirPods.

Dip Them in a Bowl of Rice

The idea is that rice will absorb any water on your AirPods. The problem is that rice is not very good at removing dirt and other debris from things like your phone or earbuds.

This method works well enough to keep your earbuds dry by sucking all the water and moisture from your AirPods.

Connect Them and Check if Everything Is Fine

Have you removed any water traces from your AirPods and ensured they are dry?

Now it’s time to test if step one worked. You need to check if your AirPods are working as they should. All you need to do is to connect them to your iPhone and see if they are working fine.

If you dried your AirPods and removed them up to the last droplet, your AirPods might work fine.

However, if your AirPods still have water in them, sometimes they will not work at all, and if they do, they will not work to perfection.

If you connect them and they don’t work, keep reading because we have more solutions for you.

Leave Them Alone for a While

The best thing you can do for your AirPods if they go through the washer and dryer is to let them rest.

The worst thing you can do is to rush them by turning them on immediately after you get them off the washer and drier.

Most people panic when they accidentally wash their AirPods and start turning them on and off every minute.

This is a terrible mistake because turning them on while they still have water in them will cause the electricity in your AirPods to react with the water in your AirPods.

For at least the first 12 hours, leave your AirPods alone. You can try using them after 24 hours. You will notice they work again after some time.

The critical thing is to be patient and not rush them. Instead of using an air blower, we recommend you stick to the abovementioned methods.

Suck on Them to Get Excess Water Out

If the methods discussed above don’t work for you, you can also try to suck on your AirPods to remove the excess water.

Although sucking your AirPods might seem disgusting, it’s one of the best ways to dry your AirPods and ensure they work again.

Furthermore, sucking the water out will ensure that you remove anything that might obstruct your AirPods from working correctly.

This will also ensure that, in the future, your AirPods will not lose sound and become quieter with time.

Most people refer to sucking on AirPods as the grossest and weirdest way of cleaning and drying AirPods. However, the results are not gross because it works. In the end, you get clean AirPods and water-free AirPods.

Another trick you can do after sucking the water out of the AirPods is to leave them on the open air. This way, they can dry further to the last droplet.

You can leave them to dry for some hours. Subsequently, you can try to connect them and see if they work as required.

Buy New AirPods

Sometimes, when your AirPods go through the washer, you might try the fixes mentioned in this article, but you cannot salvage your AirPods.

If this is the case, it can only mean that your AirPods suffered severe damage and can not be salvaged.

The best thing you can do if your AirPods don’t survive the washer and the dryer is to buy new AirPods.

Although spending money on something you had a few hours ago will feel wrong, there is nothing you can do.

If you are like me and can live without your AirPods, you have no choice but to get new AirPods. They are worth the investment, thanks to the fantastic audio quality of AirPods.

If you buy new AirPods, try to be careful with them. This way, they won’t be in the washer and dryer again.

If you have purchased a pair of AirPods that have not been damaged by water or chemicals, then there is no reason to buy new ones.

If your AirPods have already been damaged by water or chemicals in the washer, they may be an odor from them after being washed in a washer or dryer.

If this is the case, you should immediately replace them with new AirPods. It’s all worth it.

There are many places online where you can find the newest models of AirPods and buy them easily.

You can even buy them from Amazon if you want to save money by buying them directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Are AirPods Waterproof?

When your AirPods accidentally go through the washer and dryer, the first question that runs through your mind is whether the AirPods are waterproof.

Well, AirPods are slightly waterproof. That means they can withstand a simple splash of water.

But if they go through something extreme like swimming, showering, or, in this case, the washer and dryer, it might damage them.

If you expose your AirPods to water slightly for a short period, you will salvage them quickly.

On the other hand, recovering them will be difficult if you expose them to water for longer periods. Although it’s not impossible, it will be challenging and require a lot of time.

Also, AirPods are not heatproof, so you should not expose them to much heat. You should consider this if your AirPods go through the washer and you try to dry them.

If you decide to dry them in the sun, you should not do it for an extended period because too much heat can damage your AirPods.

Now that you know, AirPods are slightly waterproof, but it doesn’t mean you carelessly use them even in areas with water. This information should encourage using them more discreetly. This way, they can last longer.

What Happens if They Start Working

It’s your lucky day if you dry your AirPods and notice that they are working correctly. You did everything right, just like we discussed in this guide.

Many people have had their AirPods go down the washer and dryer, saving them and having them work again.

On the same note, there are people whose AirPods went through the washer and dryer, and their AirPods did not work. They had to buy new ones.

If your AirPods are working again, you can communicate with others who had the same experience on Reddit.

There is a Reddit thread where people share their AirPod stories on how they forgot their AirPods on their jeans but dried them and got them to work again.

Turn off the Machine if You Realize They’re in There

So, what should you do if you repair your AirPods and get them to work even after putting them through the washing machine and dryer?

The best thing you can do after being so lucky is to take precautions and be extra careful next time.

Let me explain. If you notice you are doing laundry, remember that your AirPods are missing. You should first go through each pocket of your jeans to see if your AirPods are in there.

If you realize your AirPods are missing, the best thing you can do is to stop the machine once you know they are in there.

Stopping the machine earlier and removing your AirPods on time will ensure they are not damaged completely.

If you notice your AirPods are in your jeans inside the washer and choose not to ignore them, remove them immediately. Saving them will be difficult.

This is because the water and the chemicals can cause them to malfunction. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of losing your AirPods in the washing machine, you know how frustrating it can be.

But here’s some good news: with some knowledge and a few simple precautions, you can keep your AirPods safe and sound regardless of how many times they end up in the washer.

We have shown you unique ways to recover your AirPods and get them to work again. Before you do anything else, turn off the machine. You don’t want to ruin your AirPods accidentally.

Try Not to Leave AirPods in Your Pockets Next Time

If you’re like me, you’re always on the go. You might even have to take your AirPods with you everywhere.

But if you want to avoid your air pods ending up in the washer and dryer, it’s best to try not to leave them in your pockets next time.

Leaving your earbuds in the pocket is where all the problems begin. They get dust and debris trapped inside them, which leads to water damage and corrosion.

Furthermore, they get tangled up with other things, which can cause them to break or crack.

Worst of all, in most cases, you will forget they are in your pocket and wash them with your jeans.

This is why I highly encourage you to check your pocket jeans the next time you want to do laundry. Remember that prevention is better than cure.

Contact Apple Support

If you’re having a problem with your AirPods and AirPod case, contact Apple Support.

To get your AirPods repaired or replaced, you’ll need to send them in for repair or replacement. You can do this by going to the Apple Store on your iPhone and using the Support Assistant app.

If you’ve already contacted Apple support for a problem but haven’t received a solution, here’s some additional information:

The first step is to ensure you have all the parts and pieces necessary for repair.

It would help if you had the charging case and earbuds with you when contacting Apple support to send them in for replacement and repair.

If you don’t have those, they can be sent back to their original place of purchase (if applicable). They will still be covered under warranty if they are defective at the time of receipt by the original retail customer.


There you have it. All hope is not lost if you wash your AirPods accidentally on the washer and dryer. We have shown several things you can do to save them.

The first thing you should do is make sure your AirPods are dry. This is because electricity doesn’t work well with water.

You can dry them by leaving them in the open air to dry byputting them in a cup of rice, or can use silica gel packets.

After that, you can try to connect and see if they are working again. The second thing you can do is leave them alone for some time before trying to use them. Thirdly, you can suck on your AirPods to remove any water.

We showed you that AirPods are slightly waterproof and what you should do if they work again.

Finally, if you continue to experience any problems with your AirPods, you can contact Apple support to buy a new one or get a replacement. I hope you found this article helpful. Let us know in the comment section.

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