If Someone Blocked Me on Instagram Can I Still Message Them

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Instagram has grown in popularity in the last few years and some could say that it is one of the most popular social media apps on the market right now.

However, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with a whole heap of unanswered questions. One of those questions is – can you message someone who has blocked you on Instagram.

If you have been blocked before by someone you were speaking to that you have probably wondered this too.

It’s a common question and there’s a simple answer, but it doesn’t stop there. There are things you can do about it.

When someone has been blocked on Instagram there is still some curiosity as to what you can and can’t do when you’re blocked on Instagram.

If you have been blocked on Instagram then yes, you can still message someone but they will not be able to see your message. The main point of blocking is to stop contact between you and the person blocking you.

This can be frustrating to hear but it’s the way blocking works. Today I’m going to be going into detail on what happens when you message someone when you’re blocked and if they will eventually skip it.

You should get a better idea of how things work and some ways to get someone to see your message after you have been blocked.

Can You Message Someone Who Blocked You On Instagram

You can still message someone after you have been blocked. If you guys were messaging before getting blocked then it won’t be hard for you to find this person.

The problem is finding the person after you have been blocked. When you get blocked the person who did the blocking disappears.

Most traces of their account will be gone. In most cases, you can see their account but you won’t be able to see their posts and you will see a message saying No Posts Yet.

If you manage to find the person who has blocked you then you can still message them. However, I don’t see the point in messaging this person as you will see why down below.

In addition, messaging someone who has blocked you doesn’t make sense. This person has done it for a reason so you will just be wasting your time for the most part as they probably don’t want to see your DM.

If you can’t find the account then I will be getting onto different ways you can look for it. It will be easier if you and this person have been following each other for a while or were genuine friends.

How to Contact Someone Who Blocked You

The only way you can contact someone after you have been blocked is to get them to unblock you. Someone can’t see your DM after they have blocked you.

There are some ways to get them to see you contacted them after you have been blocked. You can do this by using another account to contact this person.

This will work as the account you use will not be blocked. You can use an existing account or you can make a new one if you don’t have an old one.

The only way this will not work is if they have chosen to block all the accounts you choose to have or choose to make after they block you.

Instagram has an option before you block someone where you can choose to block all the accounts someone has. If they have chosen this option then you can not DM them on a new account.

instagram block all accounts

Another thing you can try doing is to get them to unblock you. This is only possible if you have another way to contact them like Snapchat or their number. You can message them on one of these other platforms.

If you know anyone who knows them or if you can have mutual friends then you can contact one of these mutual friends and get them to convince the person who blocked you to unblock you.

if you block someone on Instagram can they still see your messages

Can Someone Who Blocked You on Instagram See Your Messages

If someone has blocked you on Instagram then they can’t see your message. This is because when someone blocks who they have restricted all forms of ways you can contact them on IG.

It’s the same if someone blocked you on Instagram. You can still see the messages they sent you before they blocked you. Those messages don’t disappear from either of your accounts.

However, the person who blocked you can still messages you have sent to them before you were blocked. The only counts for messages they sent and you sent before you got removed.

The instant you get blocked. they can not see a message you sent unless they unblock you. I will still look like the message has gone through but don’t let this deceive you.

If this person decides to unlock you one day they will not be able to see the messages you sent to them while you were blocked. You will still be able to see these DM’s bot they will not send.

Any new messages you send after you have been unblocked will go through any old messages will remain on your chat feed but not theirs.

What Happens When you Message Someone Who Blocked You

When you message someone that blocks you, the message will still go through like normal and everything will seem normal on your end, however, the person you sent the message to will not have any idea that you’re trying to message them.

You will notice that you will not see anything that indicates a message has been sent. Usually, when you send a message on Instagram it will tell you that it has been sent.

Now that you’re blocked, it will not tell you that the message has been sent, nor will it tell you that the message has been seen as the person who blocked you will never see it.

You will be practically talking to yourself, unfortunately. If this person ever decides to block you then those messages you sent will still not go through.

After being unlocked you will have to send them new messages which they will be able to see.

How to Know if Someone Blocked You On Instagram

If you want to know if someone has blocked you on Instagram you can tell by looking in the DM’s. When someone messages it will never tell you that they have seen your messages.

As I have mentioned previously, Instagram will not show that seen message you usually see when someone sees you’ve contacted them.

You can be confident in this as this person will never reply to any of the messages you have sent. But don’t worry, if this isn’t clear enough to you, there are other ways you can tell that someone has blocked you.

The first thing to do while you’re in the DM’s is to check if their profile is available. You can easily do this by clicking on their profile while you’re in your direct messages.

You will usually see a message that says user not found. This will be a very strong indication that you have been blocked.

However, the person may have deactivated their account so you will need to check on another account or use different ways which I will be getting into down below.

Search For Their Name on Instagram

One way you can find out if you have been blocked is to try and search up the name of the person who you suspect of doing this.

It will be hard to tell when you have been blocked as your messages will still look like they have been sent. To search for this person click on the search button at the bottom of your profile.

Type in their username if you’re able to remember it. It will not come up in autosuggest as Instagram tries to stop every possible way of finding this person.

If you can not remember their name then you’re out of luck. This means that you have been blocked. People who you are following are meant to show up in the suggestions below the search.

You can try the other methods down below. Remember that if you have never messaged this person then it will be way harder to find them.

Look For Them in Comments

One of the best ways I have found to find out if someone has blocked you is to look for any comments they have left. If this person has ever commented on any of your pictures you can easily tell if they have blocked you.

The hard thing about knowing if someone has blocked you is that it is hard to find their account. Know just because you can’t find their account doesn’t mean that they haven’t blocked you.

This person could have deactivated but if you can remember any pictures they have commented on then go on those comments and you should still be able to see their comments if they have been blocked.

When someone deactivates their account you will not be able to see any previous comments that they have left behind. This means that if you can see a comment this means that they have blocked you, unfortunately.

You have to click on that person’s profile once you see their comment and if you see something along the lines of No Posts Yet or user not found then this means that they have blocked you.

If you and this person were friends or have any mutual friends then you can go on their posts and see if they have left any comments. This is the easiest way to find out, this includes their best friends’ pictures as well.

Find Them in Tagged Photos

If you didn’t manage to find any comments that have been left by this person then the next best way to tell if someone has blocked you is to find pictures they have been tagged in.

The only reason you’re doing this is to see what it says on their profile. The best place to look for photos they have been tagged is is to go on their friend’s profile.

Once you have found a picture they have been tagged in, click on their profile and see if you can see the messages saying No Posts Yet then you have been blocked and they will be unable to see any of your messages.

Another good way to find pictures this person has been tagged in is to go on peoples’ accounts who are mutual friends with this person.

Mutual friends are the people who are most likely to tag them in pictures so if you follow any of them then have a look there. If not then just make sure their accounts aren’t private.

Use Another Instagram Account

Another good way to tell if someone has blocked you is by looking for their profile on another account. If you are unable to find their account on your current profile then you can look on another account to check if their profile is still there.

The reason you want to do this is that you can not know you’re blocked as it’s very hard to tell as the same signs show up when someone deactivates their account.

If you’re able to find this person on another account but not your main account then it means you have been blocked. To look for their profile on another account just log into a spare or use a friend’s account.

The only problem you can have with this is if this person blocks you on all of their accounts. This is a likely situation as Instagram gives you the ability to do this when you’re about to block someone.

If you can’t find them on another account then this is still not definitive that they have blocked you. You will have to use the other methods I have mentioned. The last one is down below.

Search Using a Browser

Every person who has an Instagram account has a unique Instagram URL that goes along the lines of this. Instagram.com/username.

When you search this into any browser this person’s profile should be able to come up. When searching this you will need to replace the part which says username with the actual person’s username.

To do this you will need to make sure that you’re logged into IG in that browser. Now that you have done that go ahead and search Instagram.com/username.

If you’re blocked then you will see something along the lines of “Sorry, this page isn’t available,”. This means that you have either been blocked or have deactivated their profile.

To confirm that they have actually blocked you and not just deactivated, you will need to log out of that browser and go into a new incognito tab on whatever browser you’re using.

Now perform this search. If their account comes up then this means that you have been blocked. If you see the same error message saying “Sorry, this page isn’t available,” then they have probably deactivated.

These are pretty much the only ways you can know that you have been blocked so you should be able to tell conclusively.

Do Messages Disappear When You Block Someone On Instagram

No, messages do not disappear when you block someone. Every message you and this person have exchanged will remain in your inbox.

This, however, isn’t the same as when someone blocks you. All the messages you have sent will be removed from both you and the person’s account who blocked you.

If you want to delete the messages you have sent someone including the messages they have sent you then you will need to delete the chant exclusively. You can do this by going into your DM’s and swiping left on the chat.

Here you will see a red box with the word delete. From here click on the red box and confirm by pressing delete.

Bear in mind that the messages you have sent to this person will still be on their account and they will be able to read every single one.

Once you delete the messages on your end this is permanent and you can’t retrieve them again. If you want your messages gone on their end then delete you will have to delete them individually by holding on to each message.


We have now established that you cant contact or message someone on Instagram if they have blocked you. You can be blocked on instagram, but can still message the person who blocked you.

However, this does not mean that they will see your messages. No matter how many messages you send someone in the DMs, they will never see it.

If this person ends up unblocking you the messages you sent will not be seen by the other person. You will have to send new messages for them to be able to receive them.

The only way you can contact someone who blocked you is by making a new account and contacting them from there. You can ask them to unblock you on this other account so you can contact them.

Hopefully, I have explained to you why you can’t message someone when you’re blocked. You were blocked for a reason and Instagram has to respect this.

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